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          Investor Day

          This section contains the Investor Day presentations.  


          On November 21st, in Milan, we hosted the 2018 Investor Day.

          The video webcast of the event and audio records are available at the link below.

          Leveraging strengths to accelerate growth

          Being a life-time partner to customers, offering innovative, personalized solutions thanks to an unmatched distribution network.

          Leading the European insurance market for individuals, professionals and SMEs, while building a focused, global asset management platform and pursuing opportunities in high potential markets.

          • Profitable Growth
          • Capital Management and Financial Optimization
          • Innovation and Digital Transformation

          2021 financial targets

          • Growing earnings per share: 6%-8% eps cagr range 2018-21
          • Growing dividend: 55%-65% dividend pay-out range 2019-21
          • Higher return for shareholders: >11.5% average return on equity 2019-21

          The Generali Group CEO Philippe Donnet said: “Today, Generali unveils an ambitious strategy – Generali 2021 – which will accelerate the Group’s growth and deliver superior returns to our shareholders. Our primary ambition is to become a life-time partner to our customers, offering innovative and personalized solutions thanks to an unmatched distribution network. This clear and distinctive strategic vision leverages on our strengths to consolidate leadership in Europe on retail and SME customers, expand operations in high-potential markets and develop a global asset management platform. At the same time, Generali will continue to focus on generating and managing capital to fund growth opportunities in key markets and drive innovation and digital transformation wherever we operate. Thanks to this set of actions, Generali will achieve between 6 and 8 per cent Earnings per Share average annual growth over the plan horizon. We look forward to implementing this new strategic plan, knowing that our track record of delivery, driven by our talented colleagues and underpinned by our strong brand and long-term culture of sustainability, will ensure its success.”

          Investor Day

          • 21 Nov 2018

            Investor Day

            3 mb



          Latest Investor Days


          On November 23rd, in London, we hosted the 2016 Investor Day.

          Accelerating our ambition for excellence

          New targets on efficiency and profitability - strengthening our competitive advantage through best-in-class distribution network, solid technical capabilities and lean cost base

          • Rationalization of the operating machine
          • Leadership in technical performance
          • Customer and Distributor Centricity

          2018 targets confirmed
          - Cash flow generation: ? € 7 bln
          - Dividends: ? € 5 bln
          - Average operating RoE: ? 13%

          The Generali Group CEO, Philippe Donnet: “Today we are announcing an increase in the scope of our ambition, to be a leader where we operate and deliver excellence in everything we do. We are starting from a strong base: Generali is financially solid and we have a tight control on a lean cost basis. We have established greater coordination and discipline across business units with local CEOs empowered to monitor the progress of our strategic levers through targeted KPIs. Our goal is leadership in our chosen markets, not measured by size but by profitability. We will further improve our operating performance and will create long term value. We’ll improve our efficiency through significant productivity gains and we will optimize our geographical footprint, while securing investments in key growth markets. We will maintain and further improve our leading edge in technical performance and excellent profitability, both on our P&C and Life business, in order to overcompensate the effects of a prolonged period of adverse market conditions. Finally, we will focus on customers and distributors by leveraging on data analytics and innovative telematics products. Today we confirm the financial targets for the period 2015-2018. None of this would be possible without the unparalleled level of pride and passion of Generali employees and our network of agents and collaborators around the world."

          INVESTOR DAY

          • 23 Nov 2016

            Investor Day

            5 mb


          INVESTOR DAY MAY 2015

          The Investor Day, held in London on 27 May, presented the new strategy for the 2015-2018 period to the market, having achieved the expected turnaround from the previous 2013-2015 plan a year ahead of schedule. This strategy envisages a deep transformation of our business model, designed to achieve our ambition of European Retail Insurance leadership. Our focus is on customer service and experience, extensive and more efficient use of data and technology, and superior cash generation.

          In financial terms, the group will seek to achieve:

          • More than 7 billion euro (cumulative) of total Net Free Cash Flow 2015-2018
          • Accumulated dividends of over 5 billion euro over the same period
          • Further savings of 0.5 billion euro by 2018 in addition to the 1 billion euro expected by 2016, allowing the group to fund the transformation without increasing nominal costs.

          INVESTOR DAY

          • 27 May 2015

            Investor Day

            5 mb



          The investor day was held in London on 19 November to update the market on the achievement of the 2013-2015 turnaround plan targets and provide a detailed overview of its four key markets: Italy, France, Germany and Central and Eastern Europe.

          The Generali Group has successfully achieved most of the targets set for 2015 with outstanding goals within reach or nearing completion.

          • Due to the actions implemented by the group over the last two years, the balance sheet has been strengthened and further dividend capacity has been created with the aim of increasing shareholders’ return, with a dividend payout expected to rise above 40% starting from 2015.
          • The group is fit to tackle global competition and remains committed to ensuring rewarding, sustainable and progressive shareholder remuneration on a consistent basis in the future.

          INVESTOR DAY

          • 19 Nov 2014

            Investor Day

            5 mb



          At this event we updated the market on the progress made towards the strategic initiatives announced in January and focused on costs, investments and operations.

          Generali has clear plans for delivering a reduced cost base, a more focused investment strategy and greater operational efficiency to drive profitability.

          This strategy is designed to improve shareholder returns and overall profitability by refocusing on the Group’s core insurance business, building capital strength, enhancing technical excellence and cost control, and adopting a more client focused approach.


          At this event, we presented the group turnaround strategy, which intends to improve shareholder returns to and maximise the value of the business.

          The new strategy entails focusing on the core insurance business, strengthening its capital position and profitability levels and adopting a client-led business approach. The 2013 business plan was designed to mark the return to our core insurance business by optimising our geographical footprint, increasing P&C business and obtaining higher profits in the life segment.

          The priorities set out in the plan included strengthening the capital position (with a solvency I goal of 160%), to be achieved by re-investing profits, the selective sale of non-core businesses and further actions on the capital base.

          Finally, with this business plan, we have started putting the client at the heart of everything in order to establish ourselves as the leading insurance company in the retail and affluent segment.


          • 27 Nov 2013

            Investor Day

            3 mb

          • 14 Jan 2013

            Investor Day whole presentation

            2 mb