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          Retail shareholders

          Retail shareholders

          There is a significant number of individual investors in Generali. About 25% of our capital is held by retail shareholders. This is why we have created a section where we can interact with private shareholders and examine issues more closely linked to savings.


          Shareholders' Meeting

          The meeting is a fundamental aspect of the life of the company, one in which the shareholders have the opportunity to formally interact with the board of directors and management to discuss the main issues that took place during the financial year.

          The AGM 2020 was held on April 30th 2020. 

          Generali in the Stock Exchange (Total Shareholders Return)

          Generali in the Stock Exchange (Total Shareholders Return)

          The total shareholders’ return is the measure of performance which combines share price variation and dividends paid to show the total return to the shareholder expressed as an annualized percentage.  

          More info on the “Share information & analysts” section.


          RESULTS AT DECEMBER 31 2019

          RESULTS AT DECEMBER 31 2019

          1 Dividend per share proposed

          2 Excluding the capital gains relating to the disposals and the one-off expense of the liability management transaction

          3 Based on IFRS Equity excluding OCI and on total net result

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